YouTube Video Builder

YouTube Video Builder for Fast and Easy Video Creation

You can create 6- 15-second videos using existing assets and free audio library.

YouTube announced today its Easy and Fast Video Creation Tool YouTube Video Builder.

Video Builder is a free, self-service tool that animates static assets—images, text, and logos—with music from our library. You can choose from a variety of YouTube-optimized video layouts based on your message and goals, customize visual aspects like colors and font, and quickly generate a short YouTube video (6 seconds, 15 seconds, or 16 seconds). Video Builder is currently available in English only, but supports various languages when creating a video.

More on the news

  • Users must sign up to request access to the Video Builder beta.
  • Videos can be either 6 or 15 seconds in length.
  • Video customization options include layouts, colors, fonts and the ability to add a logo and integrate music from YouTube’s free audio library.

How to use YouTube Video Builder?

Learn how to easily create a video ad that’s optimized for YouTube using just your images, logo, and text