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How To Save Data Before Selling Your Mobile

It is very important to save your all data backups, whether you are selling your mobile phone or not, because a mobile phone has a lot of great features for saving your important data and memorable pictures. A mobile phone is also used for storing your important data’s like phone numbers, pictures, documents, emails and much more. Storing your data before selling your mobile phone is a very important thing, because if your data is copied or used inappropriately then it would be a huge risk for you. How to store your data? For that, you just dive into Settings, tap that big ‘ System button, and choose Reset (your device may also say Backup and Reset, in which case, pick that). From there, select Factory Data Reset, then Reset phone. Since you are getting rid of this phone, you will have to erase everything from it. This method is for android users only, but if you are an Apple IOS user then you must follow these instructions. If you paired an Apple Watch with your iPhone, unpair your Apple Watch, and back up your device then you have to Sign out of iCloud and also from the iTunes & App Store, after that go back to the Settings window, and tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. If asked for your device passcode or Restrictions passcode, enter it properly. These steps are only for IOS users. So guys all the details are mentioned above. If ever in life, you are going to sell your mobile phone, just dont forget to follow those instructions.

Why do you need to sell your mobile phones? Well if i talk about myself, i am selling my old mobile phone, but why? just because a new Android phone has caught my eye, may be the upcoming Samsung phones, and i want to get on the boat as soon as possible. But for that i need to sell my old phone first in order to make up some of the money i am spending on that new device, but luckily there are a wealth of options available for me. I am going to get you guys also through some of the best practices out there for preparing your Android phone or tablet for sending off, and some places for sale that would best suit your needs.

Now if you are going to sell your mobile phone or tablet, or however if i want to sell my phone and get cash today. You and i, we both should follow these guidelines, as for first up, you’ll want to take out the SIM card and SD memory card from your phone. These are important pieces of hardware that you don’t want to leave in your phone when you ship it off to your buyer. Your SIM card is what enables your phone to take calls at your number and is associated with your data plan. You will need it for your new phone, anyway. Often you will need a paperclip or similarly slim poking implement to open a SIM card tray, but sometimes it will be behind the rear casing of your phone by the battery. The exact method will vary by device. Not every phone or tablet will have an SD memory card slot, but you will often find them alongside your SIM card slot. Memory cards will often store your photos and music, though the device itself has its own storage too. Use either your phone’s native file manager or a third party one (I like Astro to look in the folder where downloads, music, and photos may have been saved. From there, you should be able to copy them to your SD card before taking it out. You will want to check to make sure all of your important files are saved, so be sure to back up your data as well. Now the thing, is how to backup your personal data on device? so for that if you are Assuming your data is associated with your Google account, your contacts, calendar, and e-mail will already be fully backed up in the cloud. That means as soon as you fire up your new phone, that important information will be there as soon as you log into your Google account. Many manufacturers will offer their own similar cloud backup utility that encompasses contacts and calendars. More storage-intensive content such as music and photos can be backed up wirelessly with Google Drive, and if you would rather not go through the cloud, your device manufacturer should have desktop software that would allow you to back up your data with a USB cable. Again, that process will vary by who made your phone or tablet.

Now when your mobile phone device is fully backeup and you have deleted all your important data from the device and your phone is totally wiped, cleaned, and the accessories all boxed up, you’ve got to figure out where to sell. Your venue of choice will often decide how much of a return you will get. So i recommend you all to sell it online. I always try on some websites to sell my mobile online, and also to sell my tablet. I use (sell any mobile) website for this procedure. If ever i am busy or i dont have time to go to the market and i want to sell my phone online i try this site. I remember once i wanted to sell my iPhone X, i tried this webiste and you wont beleive, it is always offering you the best rates. Well sometimes maybe you feel frightened to sell your mobile in a market place, where you dont know the anyone, but if you’re selling your phone to a family member or to your friends, then it might be better for you because People you already know may be in the market too for a new device and be willing to pay up-front for one. Assuming you’re on good terms with a buyer you already know, you can count on getting a good price, plus it’s convenient being able to hand off the phone to someone you might already see regularly anyway. Of course, you also get the warm-and-fuzzy feeling of knowing your well-loved phone is going to a good home. But when you dont have such opportunities, then you must try the best website, as i did, and they are quite trust worthy for me.