Digital Marketing Work for Your Business

How Can Digital Marketing Work for Your Business?

Back in 1938, the newspapers in the USA reported of the mass hysteria caused by one radio broadcast. That was Orson Welles’ 1938 “War of the Worlds” Halloween broadcast. According to the newspapers, listeners thought that the aliens attacked the world. The newspapers were the first marketing tool at the time. And this news was false and used by the newspapers to create a negative opinion on the radio. Media that businesses could use for promoting their products. Known as marketing. Same happened with the television. Soon businesses included all three media channels in their marketing effort. Smart ones included the newcomer – digital marketing.

And what is digital marketing? It is a way of promoting using digital channels. One that emerged in 1993 when the first clickable banner went live. Because of it bigger reach, digital marketing is changing the way other media work. And knowing how digital marketing works for your business becomes a necessity. If you want to learn how digital marketing works and use it for your business, you should know some of it terms:

SEM Ok, we acknowledge that we need a website. That became the common thing in promoting our business. But how will someone know that our business is out there? 

By promoting it. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the simplest method of how digital marketing works. Paying the search engine to promote your website. Someone is searching for the service or a product you provide. And the result includes your website. With a little sign that it is an add. It is usually called PPC – or ay Per Click” advertising. It is because the advertiser only pays when someone click on the add.  It brings new customers for your business but could be expensive.

That’s why SEO is used.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is quite distinct from SEM. But it brings the same results. Helping your business by bringing people to your website. And that is how to do digital marketing. For free. The goal of SEO is to create the signals to the search engine. That means placing the words that will make them choose your page to be on the top of the search result. This happens if they search for the words you provided in your website or any page. A complicated task, it needs a lot of work and tuning. Because of the search engines that are changing their algorithms. But when people do come to your page ask them for an email. And learn how to do digital marketing using email marketing.

E-MAIL MARKETING SEO and SEM (PPC) are bringing in customers. But not maintaining relationships with them. And how digital marketing works? By promoting to the customers. New ones and the old ones, too. Almost everyone has an email. If you have your customer email, you can do a great deal in retaining them. You can send them gifts, discounts or valuable information. And make them return and buy more.  Of course, you should set up a privacy policy and conduct it because of the regulations. Regulations changed because of the social media.

SOCIAL MEDIA What is in common with the newspaper, Radio, TV, and a Website? The answer is one-way communication. Business to a customer and not vice versa. Then consumer-generated media came. And users started to interact with other users and businesses. Breakthrough in how to do digital marketing. Social media is using the best of how digital marketing works. Like no other method, it can promote to the targeted customers. The one that would like to use your product or service.  And you can even use the emails you have to show them the commercial. And they would consider it a sign from the sky. Facebook now has 2.20 BILLION monthly active users. The fight for the second spot is between Twitter and Reddit. Pinterest and Facebook-owned Instagram are battling over the next ones. All powerful tools that are using text, image, or video for digital marketing.

VIDEO MARKETING And how to do digital marketing using video marketing? Well, by combining everything you’ve learned about how digital marketing works. This newest model of digital marketing is taking over. It even changed the way Twitter works. Because people are now filming short videos and using them as tweets.  Years to come will see the battle between the Facebook and YouTube over the video marketing. And the other social media are reckoning the strength of the video marketing. That is the future of how to do digital marketing. So, include it in the way that digital marketing work for your business.